Presentation not Renovation



Presentation NOT Renovation

How to Sell your Home Faster and for More Money

117 Pages of Actionable Advice: Theory & Practise.

Over 100 Images.

200 ✓ Ticked Action Points.

14 Priority Action Boxes & a full content Summary.

The Home Owner’s Handbook & Property Developer’s Bible. 

It has long baffled me how easily we make snap decisions when selling our properties that often involve thousands of pounds, when our everyday lives are generally consumed with trying to save money.  

Have you ever been tempted by a ‘buy one get one free!’ in the supermarket, gambled on a lottery ticket or walked the streets for a bargain in order to save pennies?


Yet you could be missing out on gaining hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands, on the sale of your property because you failed to make some simple changes to win over viewers. Worse still, you could be persuaded to drop the selling price by a ‘few thousand’ if your property gets stuck.

Property Developers and Commercial Sellers have been using presentation techniques to great effect for many years and it’s time the general public were let in on the secrets.

Some of these tricks of the trade are delightful, some are devilish, some are just common sense.

Part I: 

 Introduction: How I got here & How to use this book.

Chapter 1: Why Properties ‘Stick’: Why some properties don’t sell quickly or for the desired price & what you can do about it.

Chapter 2: Step Up!: Uncomfortable truths about buyer & vendor psychology (and a pep talk).

 Part II: Property Presentation

Chapter 3: The Golden Rules: Overview of the main principals of Property Presentation.

Chapter 4: What You Must Take Away: How to get out of the way of a sale.

Chapter 5: Braving Your Stuff: A gentle introduction to De-Cluttering.

Chapter 6: Light  & Space – Kerching!: How to increase the impression of light and space.

Chapter 7: Make Like Switzerland: Colour theory and creating battle-free zones.

Chapter 8: Adding the Yummy: What to put back, USPs, props & crowd-pleasers.

Chapter 9: Preventing the Drive-Bys: The obvious & not-so-obvious things to do to the outside.

Chapter 10: Avoiding the Red Flags: Typical deal-breakers and what to do about them.

Chapter 11: Preparing for the Invasion: The viewers are coming… don’t forget to… (hard hats all round!).

 Part III: D.I.Y?

Chapter 12: DIY or Professionals?: What’s your time worth? Advice & observations.

Chapter 13: How To… Decorating: Simple instructions & short-cuts to decorating for property staging. 

Chapter 14: How To… Soft Furnishings: Simple instructions & short-cuts to making Soft Furnishings for property staging.

Summary of Main Points: For those of you on the hoof and because ‘Repetition is the Mother of Skill’ (Anthony Robbins).


30 Years of Experience in One Book! It has been an exhausting but exhilarating passion and on the way I have picked up some great tips, tricks and fabulously bad habits.’ Gill Varle


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