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     What is an eMend when it’s at home? 

      (and isn’t that the perfect pun?)


It is ridiculously easy:  describe your interior project or problem area via email / Dropbox / What’s Ap / other and I will send you some ideas & solutions for a set fee of £55 per room. 

Each interior, each person, each project is very different, so each advice sheet will be tailored to your needs and your style.

There are no rules, rights or wrongs; the images don’t have to be very good and you can ask me absolutely anything.


This service is for you if:     

1. You have a small project that doesn’t warrant an interior designer.

2. You  want some idea generation or product sourcing without any face-to-face pressure.

3. You want to achieve a low or no budget makeover.

4. You want to try to use your own possessions and / or up-cycled ideas.

5. You would like my advice but aren’t local enough for an onsite visit.

6. You kind of know what you want but are  overwhelmed by the possibilities & need a little nudge in the right direction.

7. Interior designers frighten the pants off you (and your chequebook).

8. You’re a Hermit (that would be me!).





All eMend clients automatically receive the free eBook:

Interior Design Fundamentals.




Case Study:

‘I’d really like some help trying to put together my sitting room.

The background to this is that we’ve been renovating our Victorian terrace in a North Yorkshire village for a couple of years. It’s been a long slog (…) along the way I’ve run out of energy, vision and money! Added to this, in my search for a solution, I’ve looked at so much stuff on the internet and in magazines I don’t even know what I like any more or what is really me rather than just fashionable. I’ve lost faith in my ability to make decisions about decor or style.

I came across your website and I liked that your portfolio contained what looked like real, liveable rooms and that you are an advocate of utilising what you have.  I have loads of stuff collected over many years – most of which lacks any kind of cohesion or distinct style –  and I need to find a way to bring it together almost on a shoestring. None of it has any value. I seem attracted to shabby ( and not very chic) junk!!  I’m happy to paint furniture and can sew simple things.

I made a terrible, expensive, mistake in choosing the wall colour for the room but I’m stuck with …..’ 


Amanda gave me a full description of her problem, answered a few questions for me, then sent some images of her interior and also of interiors that she was drawn to. I gave her solutions and pointers in a 20 page report, including images.


Amanda’s Feedback (Thank you Amanda!):

‘Hi Gill,

There are some fabulous ideas here. I absolutely love the fact that I can make most of the changes myself. Having almost lived with the builders for the last  two years I’m totally fed up of being in someone else’s hands!!!!
You’ve brought great clarity to my thinking in that you have sorted through the jumble of ideas and thoughts spinning around in my head and come up with a clear vision of exactly what I was trying to achieve.! Thank you so much. You are right in that physical exhaustion clouds your thinking. I also spent a lot of time flailing around on the Internet hoping to see exactly what was in my head. Unsurprisingly I didn’t!!! All that happened was I got more and more confused. Too much information can be a bad thing. You have cleverly succeeded in isolating my vision from the jumble of ideas and given me a clear strategy for achieving this. It’s going to make the task of bringing the last leg of my home together much easier and less frustrating! 
Would it be ok just to raise a couple of questions following on from this? There won’t be many as you’ve been very informative.
I think the service you offer is superb. It’s very daunting seeking advice on something as subjective as your own home and possessions. I definitely didn’t want the standard interior consultation where you come away having been sold a ‘new look’ achieved by buying a whole load of new stuff. It’s all a bit contrived. It sounds silly but you’ve helped me keep a real feel to the room – warts and all!!! Its a great skill.
Kind regards
Amanda’ .

 eMend – tailored remote consultation:

£55 per room