PNRPresentation NOT Renovation: Sell your Home Faster and for More Money  

117 Pages of actionable advice: theory & practise. Over 100 images.  200 Action Points. 14 Priority Action Boxes and a full Summary for rapid results. Instant eBook Download.                          

The home owner’s handbook & property developer’s Bible: 30 Years of Experience in One Book!  More..                                                                                                           

Price: £67


Scary StuffSexy SolutionsDe-Cluttering Strategies and Life Tools

A Handbook with a difference: this little gem gets to the roots of one of today’s scariest obsessions and offers some unconventional methods to help with this growing problem, as well as practical, step-by-step solutions for dealing with our ‘stuff’. Instant eBook Download.  More..

*Warning: contains images which some readers may find disturbing.

Price: £27



Interior Design  Fundamentals

A useful quick starter guide to give you some basic rules to make your interiors sing not scream.

 Instant eBook Download.  More..

Price: £7


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